How Can I Tell If My Popcorn Ceiling Has Asbestos?

Are you dreaming of giving a new look to your home? If yes, you might be looking at some areas in the property to make the necessary changes. For instance, you wish to change the design of your home popcorn ceiling which is not impressive or has a 1980s design. Before you start the renovation project of the popcorn ceiling, do you need to confirm whether the ceiling material has asbestos or not? The homes built in the 1980s in the United States include asbestos materials like asbestos tiles, pipes, sheets, and more. Hence, it is not easy to remove those asbestos elements. If your home popcorn ceiling has an old design and it might be possible to include some asbestos construction material. Hence, you need to first remove the asbestos material from the ceiling for safety. If you are unable to identify the presence of asbestos in the popcorn ceiling or find it difficult to do DIY practice, you should not take a chance and call the experts. You may take the aid of asbestos popcorn ceiling in Lake Orion, Mi. They specialize in testing and removing asbestos tiles, pipes, and sheets in old constructions with safety. 

Risk Factors Include Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is one of the best construction materials, which had great applications during the 1980s for construction works in the United States. After recognizing some health hazards of asbestos elements during removal, the government decided to stop using asbestos in construction materials. The removal of asbestos-containing building materials like asbestos pipes, tiles, and sheets needs proper care and safety. If you will remove asbestos in the wrong way, its fibers will get spread in the air that can inhale by the workers or people. Asbestos fibers are dangerous elements, which may give some health issues such as breathing issues, asthma, skin problems, lung cancer, and more. To avoid these health hazards, it is necessary to know how to remove asbestos elements from an old property in an adequate way. To get this job done, you can rely on the services of asbestos popcorn ceiling removal experts in Lake Orion, Mi.They are professionals knowing the safe removal of asbestos elements from old properties. So, you can take their services and get rid of asbestos from the property.

Testing of Asbestos in Popcorn Ceiling

If you are going to renovate the popcorn ceiling of your home, it might have the possibility to have the asbestos element in the ceiling material. Hence, it is necessary to first test the presence of asbestos in the popcorn ceiling. For this work, you have to do some exercises such as:

1. Do wet the popcorn ceiling with water to make it a little soft and wait until it gets dried well.

2. Collect the scraps of popcorn ceiling using a knife, screwdriver, or any pointed instrument. 

3. Do scratch the popcorn ceiling in-depth to take at least three samples of popcorn construction material. 

4. After getting enough quantity of samples of ceiling material, you need to collect them in a polythene bag and take them to the laboratory for testing.

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Safety Norms While Removing Asbestos

You need to take care of some safety norms while removing asbestos from popcorn ceilings such as:

1. You need to cover up the whole face or mouth with a cloth to prevent inhaling asbestos fibers spread in the air while scratching the ceiling. 

2. Wear gloves to stay safe during scraping the ceiling with a knife or pointed instrument. 

3. Spread water or make the ceiling area wet before scraping to avoid the spread of harmful asbestos in the air. 

Thus, above are some ways to test asbestos in the popcorn ceiling of your home. If you find yourself unable to perform, you should better call the best asbestos popcorn ceiling removal professionals in Lake Orion. For instance, you can contact “Mold Remediation Lake Orion”, which is a trusted asbestos removal and testing company in Lake Orion. For more details, check the website

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