How to Tell if Your Home Has Asbestos Cement (Transite) Pipes

If you have bought an older house that includes an orthodox structure and design, you need to improve it through its renovation and reconstruction. It might be possible that old houses include some water pipes and sewer pipes made of asbestos or Transite material. With time, asbestos pipes deteriorate or get affected with corrosion that loses their strength and makes them weak. Hence, it may lead to water contamination issues and moisture problems in the property walls that is another worry for the owner. Thus, you need to remove the old asbestos pipes soon and install the new pipes for water and sewer lines. So, it is necessary to check the availability of asbestos pipes in old houses before buying and replace them soon during the re-construction or renovation of the property.

For removal of old asbestos pipes from the water line or sewer line in your old, you need to call the experienced asbestos removal experts in the industry. You will find some licensed asbestos removal specialists in Lake Orion. They have extensive knowledge and experience in removing asbestos pipes from water and sewer lines in old houses with precision. They do identify the right location of asbestos pipes in your house and will remove them well without getting any further damage to the property.

Here are few things that you need to tell the asbestos removal experts before starting the pipe removal process in your house.

  1. History of the House

You have bought an old house recently; you need to check the history of the house first. Make sure, how old the house is and do verification of construction life of property from its previous owner. If possible, you should take a look at the property’s papers or documents including duration or time-period of house built-up last time. With such proofs, you will come to know about the life or age of the house at least. Thus, you can calculate the age of asbestos pipes for water lines and sewer lines in the house too. Make sure, you tell all such details about the age of the house to an asbestos pipe removal expert before starting the asbestos pipes removal process. Thus, the experts will do the right analysis of the strength of the house and pipelines inbuilt in its walls and underground sewer lines too.

  1. Condition of Asbestos Pipes

You should have a proper check of whole asbestos pipelines throughout the structure and underground the property’s area. You need to check where the water pipes or sewer pipes have some cracks, damages, corrosion, algae, bacteria, etc. These issues can lead to water contamination and moisture issues in the house. You should do proper checking of all the possibilities and make a good assessment of the physical condition of asbestos pipes and tell the same to specialists to do the needful for them.

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  1. Level of Risks with Pipes

There might be some damaged pipes or the whole pipeline is crack in the house. Hence, it will give an idea of the level of risks of water contamination, spreading of moisture in walls, and health hazards to family members in the house.

  1. Assess the Need of Pipe Replacement

Once the experts will go through with assessment of the physical condition of the asbestos pipes or sewer lines, they will reach the conclusion that what to do next with damaged pipes? If some parts of pipes have issues and the rest are in good condition, then specialists will go for the repairing work of affected region of water line or sewer line pipes. If the whole pipeline is not good, the experts will finally go for the replacement of the pipeline and the re-installation of new pipes.

Thus, you need to recognize all the above possibilities before with asbestos pipes in your old house and tell the same to the asbestos removal specialists before handing over your project.

You will get the best and hassle-free asbestos Transite removal Lake Orion Mi-based professionals at affordable charges. So, you need to contact the licensed asbestos removal experts in the city and get the job done with ease. For more details about asbestos pipes repair services, you may explore websites of leading asbestos Transite service providers in Orion Lake and get full-fledged details for the same.

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