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Vermiculite is an outdated form of insulation that was installed in an attic by pouring 12# to 20# bags of the insulation onto the back side of your ceiling drywall or plaster and spreading the material with rakes. The most commonly used vermiculite insulation was a product called ZonoliteTM. ZonoliteTM was mined in a town called Libby in the State of Montana. Libby Montana is the site of a federal environmental cleanup that cost the taxpayer’s of this country over $600 million dollars. The town had a very large asbestos mine that 90% of the town’s occupants worked at. The employees of that mine were not protected from asbestos duct as well as any of the inhabitants of the town of Libby. When wives, for example, did laundry each week they breathed the dust from their husband’s clothes as well as the children who lived in the house with a mine worker. The fatal cancer rates for that town were off the charts. The town was evacuated and U.S. EPA contractors went to work closing the mine and cleaning the town of asbestos dust. Unfortunately, Mold Remediation Lake Orion was not part of that cleanup.

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Mold Remediation Lake Orion has a state-of-the-art vacuum system for removing vermiculite from the attic of your home. The vacuum was built by a company called RUWAC® and is called the Vermiculite Removal SystemTM. RUWAC only manufactures commercial and industrial vacuums for the industrial sector. Therefore, when we are contracted to remove your vermiculite it will be safest method for removing the material. I have been in this business since the late 80’s and I know the standard operating procedure for the removal of vermiculite insulation is putting a large crew in your attic and the crew will use brooms, shovels and dustpans to simply shovel the vermiculite into asbestos disposal bags. This method creates way too much dust from an asbestos material that you don’t want to create dust from. Our vermiculite removal vacuum system is mounted in an enclosed trailer parked in your driveway. NO DUST IS CREATED IN YOUR HOME WHEN WE REMOVE YOUR VERMICULITE.

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If you get a 2nd or 3rd cost to make sure our price is competitive please ask the other contractor how they will remove the vermiculite. You will see a very confused face and then you will hear a multitude of methods that I know are not allowed by the State of Michigan. Not one of my employees has ever came from a competitor and said they know how to use our vacuum system. I have employed members of the local asbestos unions, some men with over 25 years of asbestos experience, and I have to train all of them on how to use our vacuum system.

If you call me to remove your vermiculite I will make sure you are set up in the $40 billion dollar trust to receive as much as 50% reimbursement for the cost of the vermiculite removal AND the re-insulation of your attic.

After removal of your vermiculite we will re-insulate your attic with rolled fiberglass insulation. We quote R30 but some customers have requested R60.

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